I am sick and tired of free services which is nothing but either a bait-and-switch or comes with horrible quality and stability like Twitter.

I don’t care to try “free” cloud computing services from either Google (Google Cloud) or Microsoft (Azure). I want them paid but cheap. I want them to come with SLA for availability, computing power, bandwidth and low latency and possibly more. Otherwise I will opt to setup my own.

I don’t want free blogging but crippled services from WordPress or Blogger. I want them paid and with quality, stability and a bunch of SLA to prove their commitment.

I don’t want free email. I can host them really cheaply, so cheaply that they are almost free but they come with quality and stability.

Let 2010 be the year of paid but quality services, services we can rely on from day to day, services which do not rely on just their big brands and instead provide guarantees.

Free services is an oxymoron. It cannot continue in that form. Even Google search isĀ  not free. You pay by providing them with data about your search history. Let’s shed this tomfoolery and instead focus on quality but paid services which gives more guarantee and peace of mind about their continuity.