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    James Stevens wrote: I want to develop an application what kind of education do I need to have ? Where do I start ? How can I become a developer? Please help.

    Most people normally have an engineering / science degree before they go for developing software. There are non-engineering and non-accredited institutions also which claims to teach programming but in my experience they do a poor job.

    Having said that, everone can be a programmer and can even train himself. The typical qualities of a good programmer are:

    • Attention to details
    • Eye for perfection; perfection takes time, effort and perseverance
    • Lots of patience
    • Open mind and continuously learning
    • Devote lots of time to the profession

    I learned programming during my undergrad at IIT. I have seen a architect who was only Class / Standard 8 pass.

    First you need to focus on the fundamentals of computers before you can delve into programming. Understanding of boolean logic is required and a good understanding of basic mathematics. After that you can just try your hand using a simple language like PHP to wet your hands in the land of programming.

    What are your suggestions for James?


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